Contact Lenses

There are many potential benefits to contact lens wear such as clearer vision, more convenient and comfortable than glasses, better for sports as well as for therapeutic applications such as preventing eyesight getting worse in children, for keratoconus or in eyes that see poorly post laser treatment (ectasia).

Mr Adamally trained to fit contact lenses in hospital practice and has years of experience fitting complex prescriptions and eyes both in adults and children.

The freedom that contacts give you can make an enormous difference to people's lives. 

Many people don’t realise that contact lenses would be suitable for them and that even young children can successfully wear lenses. Please see our guide to different lens types for more information on the kinds of lens we use. 

We can arrange a consultation to discuss whether or not contact lenses would be right for you, and give you an overview of the options available. 

Call us on 01342 323463 or fill in the form below to arrange a consultation with our experienced optometrist. 

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