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Child with Contact Lens


Tailored for your eyes

Many people don’t realise that they are suitable for contact lenses!

Our contact lens ethos is simple. We fit contact lenses to provide the optimum blend of both comfort and visual performance whilst maintaining excellent ocular health.

To meet these objectives we assess the anterior surfaces of the eye in detail using digital topographical mapping and anterior segment imaging (our Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer that we use for contact lens fitting is considered to be the 'GOLD' standard for fitting speciality contact lenses).

The tear film which is responsible for keeping the eye moist and lubricated is also evaluated using a range of techniques. 

Base line symptoms of dryness are evaluated and generally recorded using specialist questionnaires and grading systems. This permits early detection of ocular surface change thereby keeping patients comfortable in their lenses long term.

In addition to soft contact lenses in both daily and monthly modalities, we also fit specialist contact lenses for patients with complex optical prescriptions, history of contact lens intolerance and diseases of the cornea such as Keratoconus. 

For patients considering laser refractive surgery or those who desire freedom from both spectacles and contact lenses we also offer corneal refractive therapy. 

For more information on these specialist contact lenses please contact us.

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