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Our Comprehensive Eye Examination

Regular eye examinations are an important way of making sure that your eyes and visual system are healthy, and that your visual system has the right support to provide long-term clear and comfortable vision.

Our team of clinicians and Hospital Trained Optometric Specialists will carefully examine your eyes and visual system using our comprehensive suite of 'gold standard' diagnostic equipment which includes a Humphrey VFA and FDT, Medmont E300 Topographer, OCT scanner, Thompson Vision Chart, Goldmann and I-Care tonometer (where available and applicable).

If any issues are found we will discuss the relevant options with you whether it's a pair of spectacles made using the data gathered by our state of the art DNEye 2+  Biometer from Rodenstock in Germany, measured using our 'High Tech' Impressionist 4 measuring system which simultaneously takes dozens of measurements (which is far more accurate than many 'traditional systems') or a pair of myopia control spectacle lenses or myopia control contact lenses we will make sure that you get the very best in vision correction.

We also offer Vision Therapy, Eye Tracking assessments (particularly important for anyone with issues when they are studying), Sports Vision Consultations and Colorimetry using our amazing Colorimeter and we are able to offer ongoing support via our comprehensive suite of managed online VT exercises.

Whether you are 4 or 104, a world class athlete, just trying to beat your personal best or studying for those exams, you deserve the best vision that you can have and it all starts with a comprehensive eye examination...

So contact us now to arrange your comprehensive Eye Examination...

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Your eye health is our top priority.

Your vision is important, so you should look after it with the best eye examination possible.

Even if you are not a current spectacle or contact lens wearer we recommend a regular comprehensive Eye Examination as part of your general health screening.

An I-Care Comprehensive Ocular Examination is one of the most thorough eye examinations possible and the best way to care for your eyes. There are very few Optometry practices in the UK that have the expertise and equipment to be able to carry out such an examination for you.


This ophthalmic examination provides early detection of many eye conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and visual field problems.

If we detect any of these conditions, we can initiate treatment early. If your eyes are healthy, then these tests provide a perfect baseline for the health of your eyes which means if you have any small problems or changes in the future then we can identify these immediately.


In addition to your routine eye examination, we use the latest diagnostic technology to carry out a comprehensive review of your vision and ocular health. You will have your eyes scanned inside and out using our ‘state of art’ Topcon OCT and Rodenstock DNEye 2+ Biometer. (We are one of just a handful of practices in the UK to have a Rodenstock DNEye 2+ Biometer and Impressionist Measuring System offering 'German' medical precision and allowing us to custom design spectacle lenses which are individualised to your specific parameters.

As a matter of fact, Lawrence I-Care Optometrists were the first practice in the region to invest in digital imaging (way back in the early 90’s) and nearly thirty years later we  continue to invest in new technology such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for Macular conditions and Glaucoma, as well as Infra-Red Meibography for Blepharitis and our latest Biometer - the DNEye 2+ from Rodenstock (a German Optical company who have been at the forefront of Vision Excellence since their founding in 1877). 

Continual investment in the latest diagnostic equipment is one part of the equation with clinical skills being equally important.  

At Lawrence I-Care all of our clinicians continue to develop their professional skills on an ongoing basis.


As part of your comprehensive examination we will measure your corneal thicknesses as well as taking ‘hospital standard’ visual field assessment and pressure measurements. We also test for binocular vision and muscle problems, dry eye and lid problems.


We recommend the I-Care Comprehensive Ophthalmic Examination to all of our patients and we allow approximately one hour for our Comprehensive Ophthalmic Examinations for adults.


Following the initial diagnostic assessment we will discuss the results with you so you can leave knowing your eyes have had the very best examination possible, allowing detection and prevention of sight-threatening problems.

Of course a comprehensive examination such as this, when carried out by a highly experienced, skilled Optometric Specialist sounds very expensive but with costs starting from £195 for your initial examination (or £495 with Mr Warwick), we think it represents excellent value for money, and of course, there are payment plans starting from £15 per month to cover your ongoing care.


When you book for your next eye exam make sure you ask for the I-Care Comprehensive Ophthalmic Examination.


Call to book your appointment today on 01342 323463



Rodenstock DNEye 2+ Scanner

Did you know that most spectacle lens designs are based on a 'standard' eye that was created by Allvar Gullstrand? He received the Nobel Prize for it in1911 and it amazing to think that most lens designs are still using this model.

However we now know that 98% of people do not match Biometrically with Gullstrand's Schematic Eye...

So now Rodenstock has created its BIG Vision program.

Biometric Intelligent Glasses - B. I. G.

The first step is to accurately measure and assess each person's Biometric Data using the Rodenstock DNEye 2+ scanner.

Once the data is gathered we can then use an algorithm to produce spectacle lenses that are individually tailored to YOUR EYES.

So why not try them for yourself - book your Eye Examination today and see the B.I.G. difference for yourself...

And don't just take our word for it - here is a recent testimonial that we received

"Having just collected my new glasses I want to thank James and his team for the care they took in examining my eyes and recommending the best lenses.

Although initially supplying me with another make of lenses which did not satisfy my needs James was there for me in not only replacing the lenses but has also made a considerable investment in acquiring the latest Rodenstock equipment.

I am delighted with my new Rodenstock lenses and my eye sight is now excellent."

Joe Fischer



'Gold' Standard Perimetry from Zeiss

Any Optometrist or Ophthalmologist  will know that this impressive machine is deceptively accurate and sets the gold standard for visual field testing.

It is one of the most accurate micro perimeters in use today and is used daily in Eye Hospitals and Private Clinics across the world, and we simply wouldn't be without one in our clinic.

It is such an essential glaucoma assessment tool that it forms a key part of our clinical diagnostic suite at I-Care Optometrists.

Glaucoma clinics all over the country recognise the power of the HFA and consider it an indispensable assessment tool for their patients.

Not only are the tests reliable, but the reproducibility is excellent, which is paramount.

At I-Care Optometrists, we use the HFA on a regular basis to perform enhanced visual field screening and to eliminate concerns regarding headaches and unusual symptoms reported by patients.

Our clinicians are very familiar with the Humphrey VFA - they often use them (or have previously used them) during their Hospital Glaucoma Clinics.

We also perform other tests including gonioscopy, pachymetry and Sita Fast visual fields as part of our comprehensive glaucoma examination to help us accurately triage glaucoma referrals.

By doing these additional comprehensive checks, we ensure that only those people in need of an ophthalmological referral are sent to the glaucoma clinic.

The performance of our HFA will provide you with peace of mind that the visual fields are clear and gives us confidence that glaucoma is not present. 

Our patients are always made to feel at ease, never rushed, and treated with care and consideration to ensure the best test results possible.

As we have already mentioned the HFA plays a key role in ensuring that our patients are effectively triaged and only those patients who require further assessment are referred to hospital. 

A trusted and reliable optical instrument, the HFA has both a screening and diagnostic function, which is why we couldn’t be without it.

So why not book in for your comprehensive assessment today?

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