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An I-Care Comprehensive Examination is one of the most thorough eye examinations possible and the best way to care for your eyes.

There are few Optometry practices in the UK that have the expertise and equipment to be able to carry out such a comprehensive examination for you.

Regular examinations of this type can enable the early detection of many eye conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and visual field problems some of which may otherwise be undetected until the condition is quite advanced and permanent sight loss may have already occured.

If we detect any of these conditions, we can intervene and initiate treatment early. If your eyes are generally healthy then these tests will provide a perfect baseline for the health of your eyes which can be used for later comparison to effectively highlight small but meaningful changes.

In addition to your routine eye examination, we use the latest technology to carry out extra tests. You will have your eyes scanned inside and out using our state of the art OCT scanner and brand new Biometer (given that interpretation is very important when it comes to diagnostic scans it's worth mentioning that at I-Care our clinicians have been using and interpreting OCT scans for over 11 years and that we were the first practice in the area to use digital imaging). 

We will measure your corneal thicknesses as well as hospital grade visual field testing and pressure measurements.

We will assess for binocular vision and muscle problems, dry eye and lid problems.

We believe that a Comprehensive Ophthalmic Examination is so important that we offer this standard of care to all of our patients.

A typical initial assessment will last for approximately one hour.

Following the assessment we will discuss the results with you so as you can leave knowing your eyes have had the very best examination possible, allowing detection and prevention of sight-threatening problems. When you book for your next eye exam make sure it is an I-Care Comprehensive Ophthalmic Examination.

Call to book your examination today on 01342 323463


At first glance our fees may seem higher than a typical High Street Optician but we are a specialist clinic offering the very highest standards of care. 

Once you have had your initial assessment it is possible to join our 'i-care' plan where all of your ongoing visits and scans can be covered from as little as £15 per month. For those who need more regular visits or who wish for us to look after all of the family then we have a plan that covers you as well (we will be happy to discuss this at the time of your assessment).

It is also worth remembering that at I-care you will be seeing one of our highly experienced hospital trained clinicians who have spent years studying and gaining considerable experience in order to give you the 'first class' care that you deserve. 

Our clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment much of which is recognised to be 'Gold Standard' enabling us to accurately assess your ocular health.

The final thing to remember is that our clinicians will spend as much time as necessary gathering the relevant information, interpreting and assessing the data and explaining the results in a clear manner.

When you take all of this into consideration you will see that we offer excellent value for money and a first class service (one of the many reasons for our 5* Reviews and the many patients who trust us to look after their sight year after year).


Good eyesight is crucial in making sure a child develops to their full potential both at school and socially.

It’s very important to look after your children’s eyes because the eye is still developing throughout early childhood so if problems are diagnosed and treated early, it can make a lasting difference.

Yet research shows that around 20% of school aged children have an undiagnosed vision problem.

That's over One Million Children here in the UK!!

Many of these children (and their parents) are unaware that they have any kind of vision problem.

It’s never too early to have a thorough eye examination, 

Visiting an optometrist will help to spot and manage visionproblems that may affect your child's development.

We know the importance of a regular, comprehensive examination - which is why our hospital trained Optometrists will conduct a thorough examination of your children’s visual system and ensure that they receive the correct care.

We also offer a number of specialist services at our clinics including Myopia Management and Vision Therapy including Colorimetry and Digital Eye Tracking

well as remote Vision Therapy using our fantastic online portal.

So email us now or call 01342 323463 to have your children’s vision checked by one of our  highly experienced Optometrists


I-Care Optometry are based in a Grade 2 listed building in East Grinstead in Sussex.

We also have a new office in Tunbridge Wells which is opening soon. We are approximately 50 minutes from London by train (Clapham to East Grinstead) or approximately 1 hour from London (London Bridge to Tunbridge Wells).

Both of our clinics are within 10 minutes of the train station.

We regularly see patients from Kent / Sussex and Surrey. Our proximity to Gatwick Airport and London means that we often see patients from across the UK and much further away!!

For those living in the Midlands we also have a sister clinic located in the Midlands - email us for further details

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