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Myopia Management Clinic: Video


Myopia Management (which is sometimes known as Myopia Control) is an evidence based approach to control and management of myopia (short sight).

The myopia management clinic at Lawrence i-Care Optometrists was introduced as a result of the increasing body of evidence that exists supporting the use of specialist spectacle and contact lenses in short sighted (myopic) children*.

Specifically, the evidence shows that certain types of multifocal contact lenses and Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) lenses have been shown to reduce the rate of lengthening in the myopic eye of children in a number of studies.  

We also now use the latest spectacle lenses to achieve a similar result where contact lenses are not suitable or preferred.

The management of myopia will undoubtably become increasingly important as the prevalence of myopia increases across the world (by 2050 it is estimated that 50% of the World's population will be myopic) and Lawrence I-Care Optometrists are proud to be at the forefront of clinical practice using these specialist treatments.

We have invested heavily to ensure that we have the latest technology and highly trained clinicians so that we can achieve the best results possible. 

For example our clinicians in East Grinstead have access to both a DNEye 2+ Scanner and a Medmont E300 topographer (which is the Gold Standard for contact lens fitting) and our clinicians in Tunbridge Wells have access to a DNEye Scanner and the latest state of the art IOL Master 500 from Zeiss which is considered 'Gold Standard' for axial length measurement which we consider to be essential part of Myopia Management.

Additionally, given that certain sight threatening ocular pathologies such as retinal detachment, myopic macular degeneration and glaucoma are linked with high levels of myopia this work has even greater importance as prevention is superior to cure.  

We have embraced these findings and are delighted to offer effective solutions to not only correct children's eyesight with and without spectacles, but also offer a protective effect in the progression of myopia.

Current Strategies Include

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Ortho-K overnight lenses

Environment Modification

Myopia Control Spectacle lenses 

Treatment plans are available from £99 per month subject to suitability and location.

Contact us now to arrange an appointment for yourself or your children

* Myopia management may be suitable for both children and adults up to the age of approximately 30 - our clinicians would be happy to advise you based on your individual circumstances.


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Myopia Management Clinic: Services
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