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1.6 Million Children in UK schools with undetected Visual Problems...

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

When was the last time that your child had a comprehensive eye exam???

Did you know that more than one and a half Million (1.6Million) school–aged children in England could be living with an undiagnosed vision problem that impacts on their educational and social development? (According to new figures released by National Eye Health Week)...

According to the same study this includes

LONDON 263,212 children

SOUTH EAST 259,120 children

Many of these children will not appear to have any issues which is one of the reasons that they often go undetected, but the effects of their visual problems can be far reaching and affect many different aspects of their lives.

In fact, a recent study by a team of UK academics published in the British Medical Journal found a clear link between visual ability in young children and reading and writing levels. Children with reduced visual acuity – a measure of how well we view detail – had significantly lower literacy development even when other factors – such as demographic, socio-economic and cognitive skills – were taken into account.

So now you know the facts, isn't it time you asked yourself - when was the last time that your child had a comprehensive eye exam?

Our clinicians often recommend a 6 monthly or annual ocular health and vision review for our younger patients...

So if it's been a while, then perhaps it's time you booked them in got their vision checked...

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