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Biometric Vision? What is it and why is it important?

What is Biometric Vision?

Biometric Vision (or B.I.G. Vision - Biometrically Intelligent Glasses) is where we create single vision or varifocal spectacle lenses that are tailored and crafted to Your Eye's exact Biometric Measurements.

Most people are not aware that most spectacle lenses are made using an assumed set of biometric measurements that are based on the model schematic eye that was first created by Allvar Gullstrand.

Allvar Gullstrand was an honorary Doctor of Philosophy of the Universities of Uppsala, Jena and Dublin, and a member of a number of Swedish and foreign scientific societies. In 1911 he received the Nobel Prize for his work on the dioptrics of the eye which became the basis of 'modern' spectacle lens design.

Many years later Rodenstock (a top German lens manufacturer) discovered that this data was inaccurate in 92-98% of cases.

After looking into the situation, they decided that this was far from ideal and they launched the Rodenstock DNEye Biometer which allows the user to accurately measure Biometric values which are then sent directly to Rodenstock who in turn create a high quality individually tailored spectacle lens.

Why is it important?

Simply put, unless each person's eyes are measured using a Biometer and the data used to create a high quality lens for that person then it is impossible to know that the lenses given will focus the light rays entering the eye correctly.

So how can I get Biometric Lenses?

You need to find an Optometry clinic that has a Biometer (such as the Rodenstock DNEye biometer) and ensure that once they have scanned your eyes that this data is then used to create your spectacle lenses.

This requires a big investment on the part of the Optometry practice that you visit but we think that our patients appreciate that we have invested the time and money to ensure that they get the very best lenses available.

In fact we think that this is so important that we have the latest versions of the Rodenstock Biometers (DNEye 2+) at both our East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells practices.

So why not book an appointment and come and experience B.I.G. Vision for yourself?

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