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Overnight contact lenses are clearly the answer (for some)!!

I am always amazed when I discuss Ortho-K (overnight lenses) with patients and they tell me that they have never heard of them...

Ortho-K lenses gently reshape the cornea whilst you sleep allowing you to see during the day without contact lenses or spectacles.

These lenses can literally change the life of sportspeople, students who find spectacles / lenses annoying, office workers (no lenses to dry out in the air-conditioning), tradespeople who work in confined spaces where lenses get in the way and just about anyone who finds glasses or traditional daily lenses a hassle or faff!!

Even if you just fancy a drink after work or to go to the cinema / theatre / nightclub without having to wear your specs or contact lenses or during summer when you just want to pick up a pair of shades and head for the pool / beach!!

Ortho-K lenses can also help limit the progression of Myopia in children and young adults which makes them an even better choice and worth exploring as an option for your children.

Not everyone is suitable for ortho-k and there are only a number of Optometrists and contact lens fitters who specialise in fitting this type of lenses so it is worth taking the time to find a clinic that has plenty of experience with these lenses (and the right equipment), who will examine you thoroughly and make sure that you are suitable for this type of correction.

It is also a good idea to work with a clinician who can choose from a wide range of lenses and treatments to ensure that you get the very best results rather than those clinics who are tied to a single provider and a 'one size fits all' proposition.

i-Care Optometry is an independent group of practices in East Grinstead (about 8 miles from Gatwick Airport), Tunbridge Wells, London (Harley Street) and The Midlands who will tailor the solution to the individual so that together we achieve the very best result that we can.

Our clinicians would be delighted to start you on your journey to a 'glasses free' life ;0)

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